Mama lovin'. Mama sharin'.

I've decided to share my birth story, and things I've learned along the way since then, in the following blog posts. I personally love reading birth stories and read many of them while I was pregnant. I think the more accounts of birth we read, the more we see how different each birth is, how differently women deal with contractions/labor, and how healthy pregnancies can lead to uncomplicated labors. Just as there is so much that can differ between each of us, there's also a huge similarity. Labor is a natural process. Women's bodies are designed to give birth and our bodies CAN do it!  Of course, there are women that have complications and have the need for interventions, and some women prefer to have them. Please note that my account of my birth story and my opinions of birth are not meant to judge anyone that does not choose the same, or anyone that had complications or needed/wanted medical assistance. We each have our own story and we are each impressive women no matter how we bring children into the world. Just to grow a human in our bodies and for him/her to exit our bodies is incredible!  Props to all you moms out there :)

For a very long time, I have been completely amazed by pregnancy and birth, and on a personal note, creating my own family with my husband was my number one desire. While I was at Bastyr studying Naturopathic Medicine, I started the courses to also become a midwife. I soon realized that the work load was too much for me at the same times as my ND curriculum, and also that if I wanted to have my own family one day, becoming a midwife might not fit in the schedule I'd like. I did a Doula training instead. Anytime I was in these courses/training, I felt a sense of fascination, motivation, and like I was meant to work in that sector and with women/moms. I quickly felt very strongly about the benefits of natural birth techniques, as well as how important supporting a woman throughout her pregnancy, during her labor, and after the birth of her child is. Going through all these stages recently has deeply reignited that love and passion. I want to act on this and build my services to help women in each stage of them becoming a mother and also with their babies. With yoga, nutrition, massage, counseling and Craniosacral therapy, I feel I can offer a positive and supportive therapeutic role with women along their journey. I've also already seen Craniosacral therapy work very well with my own son and hope to start seeing more and more babies.

I've wanted to build a blog for a while now, but I've been too timid up until now. I've struggled a lot with overanalyzing myself when it comes to sharing/posting/blogging. I often feel like I'll be judged if I share as much as I would like to (deep down I really love to share), like I'll make others feel bad or judged if I share something that they can't have/do/or find important, etc. After reconnecting with this love of all things maternal, I'm going to challenge myself to share freely my experiences, views, and things that I am passionate about. If it speaks to anyone, that is awesome.  If not, that's ok too.  

Stay tuned!