Daily Basics


My daily basics from my favorite nutraceuticals company, Seeking Health. As a vegetarian, working mom, and Naturopathic doctor, I believe strongly that the right supplemental support can do wonders for our overall health. I know from my own experience, my patients and my professional education that it can make a world of difference. I love @seeking.health formulations and high quality, and I’ve now been using & prescribing them for probably 3 years.

I have a genetic mutation (very common!) that means I can’t methylate folate (putting it into its active form). The Optimal Prenatal contains methylated folate, and my health & energy improved so much once I got onto this supplement. I get sick less (or get well quick if I am), have so much more energy, and rarely have depressive episodes anymore.

In addition to the basics, I also use a lot of their supplements to treat specific imbalances/diseases/illnesses to help bring my patients back to optimal health. As a Naturopathic doctor, I spend an hour with a patient, getting to know them as a whole- their strengths & weaknesses physically and mentally, past medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle, etc- and then with that information and any relevant bloodwork/physical exam findings, I customize a treatment plan. I use nutrition, supplements, herbs, counseling, homeopathics, physical medicine, and more, to treat. Here in Switzerland I am unable to prescribe pharmaceuticals, but in the US, Naturopathic Doctors are.

If you would like to set up a naturopathic consultation with me, please go to my website and contact me:) 


Jonathan Guillot