Mental Health


I walk past this painting on the sidewalk and always stop when I get to it. It helps me become mindful about the state of my mental health (which has been tested SO much since becoming a mom and not living near any family for support)and I use it to help shift that and move forward to the lighter/more positive side of life. 
Thankfully over the years I’ve worked so hard on the depression and anxiety that runs deep in my family lineage, and so these pauses to shift my mindset are an indication that 1) I’m lucky to be that in control, and 2) I need to step up my mental health support tools quick before it gets too far towards the dark. 
With great nutrition, supplements to support my biochemistry, genetic makeup and neurotransmitters, social support from my close friends and family, being ok with sharing I’m not ok, my naturopathic studies, counseling, lots of yoga and mindfulness practice, connection with nature, etc etc, I’m mostly able to stay out of the deep end.
Unfortunately millions of people are so deep in it they can’t find a way out. They struggle finding ANY light. They struggle fighting themselves in their mind everyday. Mental health issues are SO debilitating when not addressed. 
Remember not to judge, listen and be kind. You have no idea what battles are going on in other’s head. 
I pray mental health will be better addressed and we will move forward towards promoting GREAT MENTAL HEALTH!


Jonathan Guillot